Keeping a capsule wardrobe when you travel a lot

by Charline Catteeuw

When you’re on the road a lot, the daily decisions to make can quickly become overwhelming. What to wear and how to pack shouldn’t add to that list. Don’t add to the mess in your head by overstuffing your suitcase with too many clothes of the wrong kind.

Pack lightly. Avoid those travel headaches. The last thing you want is your suitcase to be overstuffed and slit open halfway through the airport. Heavy luggage and baggage fees shouldn't be weighing you down.

Reduce your decision making and packing stress. Ensure your clothing is flexible enough so you look great, no matter where your travels take you. 
To save time and money in shopping for, packing and maintaining clothes.

We've got your travel wardrobe covered. Here are some of our favourite staples to dress up, dress down, and get onto your digital nomad packing list. 



The Mona Lisa tee


Travel Tip

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Pack one week’s worth
Pack enough for one week’s worth of outfits. When you travel for longer than a week, do laundry in between. You don't need to have every single day of your travels covered. Choose pieces that are versatile enough.


MOM Chunky knit

Travel Tip

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Pack in layers, not in bulk
Multiple thin layers are more versatile than one heavy layer - they can be combined and layered in different ways to create a variety of looks. Consider this when you are buying and packing your clothes.


The Roll Up Shorts

Travel Tip

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The right fabrics for low maintenance
Aim for clothes that are easy to maintain. Opt for clothing that is naturally wrinkle-free to avoid having to ask for an iron in every place you stay.