by Frédérique Lessard

There’s no end to our love for jumpers. No other item in our wardrobe keep us this cozy, unless you want to walk around in your actual duvet. Unlike your duvet, you can get away with wearing chic knitwear in the office or at school, and it gives you a stylish effortless look.

1. You can wear them all year long. 

You can now wear your favorite knit all year long instead of buying multiple ones. We don't support fast fashion and we do not mass produce since we want to make a difference in that big industry!  




2. They are simple but give an effortlessly chic and cool look to any of your outfits. 

Because we love inspiring quotes, here's one that matches our thoughts :
There is beauty in simplicity.  They will be your wardrobe basics this year!



3. They are handmade by local artisans in Bali.

They are made with a lot of love. From the samples to your wardrobe, we put all our love and energy to make sure the fit, the fabric and the colors are the best and that our workers are happy! 

4. They are easy to pair with anything.

With your favorite pair of high waist denim to a slip dress or a pair of shorts! Our knits are easy to pair as they are basic and of neutral colors that can fit almost with anything! 

Live with less!

5. They are simply amazing! 

Tested and loved before putting them on the market, we are simply in love with the design and the small touch that we added to our dream knitted collection! From the color and fit, we spent hours and days to make sure we got the best from the west!