Become more conscious in the new year

by Charline Catteeuw

The new year is all about breaking old habits and reactions and making new resolutions for a happier, healthier life. In times where we tend to be asleep to the world around us, becoming more conscious and aware of what your life means to yourself and to others, and how your perceive the things inside and outside of your bubble is more important than ever.

Being conscious is like holding a state of alertness. It's about quietly picking up on sounds, smells, movements. About monitoring what's around you, monitoring the habits of your everyday life.  It's about slowly finding your way towards acting with intention. Consciousness is about awareness: being alert to details, being in the moment, and simply being present and awake. And while anyone can become more conscious, it is not something that's easy to achieve. We’ve curated a list of the key focus points helping us become more aware in the new year, and are sharing them with you below.



Find your values.
What would you like to stand for? Who would you like to be? Having a clear sense of what matters most to you allows you to move through life in a more mindful, conscious way. Without it, you might just ‘float’ through life without a clear sense of purpose or value. 

Be present.
Direct your attention to the here and now instead of drifting into the future or dwelling on something that happened in the past. It will automatically make you more conscious of the present and everything that surrounds you. 

Slow down.
Speeding through life might have the advantage of getting more done in less time, and while un-rushing is true luxury these days, it helps you create awareness of your surroundings. Going just that little bit slower creates much needed gaps in your mind and increases consciousness. 


Practicing consciousness is just that. A practice. It is an exercise of your mental and conscious focus. Through practice you will improve and turn consciousness into a habit - And you will feel better through it, ready for the year ahead.