Be more with less - Mastering the art of a minimalist wardrobe

by Charline Catteeuw


Trust us when we say you don’t need a full walk-in closet in order to be considered fashionable. At Les Basics, we’re firm believers in minimalism - at its essence, the idea of “less is more”. While it isn’t a new concept in the world of fashion, it’s a style that features simplicity in its purest form – a look that releases you from all the unnecessary details that can get you trapped in that eternal styling mess. But minimalism in fashion is much more than the use of a single colour or a trend of simplicity. Read on to find out our keys on mastering the art of minimalism in your wardrobe and reaching ultimate style perfection.


The liberation of downsizing

While the idea of living with less might seem too idealistic for some, truth is downsizing your wardrobe is very liberating, and can have an incredible impact on the rest of your life. Key here is to take everything (!) out of your wardrobe and assess each item of clothing you own by itself, and pay close attention to whether or not it brings you joy wearing or not. Those pieces that do, fold them neatly and put them back into your drawer. Those that don’t, tuck them away into a donation pile. It might take a while, but it’s definitely worthwhile!

Simplicity is key

There used to be quite a stigma around minimalist style, but a minimal wardrobe doesn’t mean we have to ditch our favorite pieces for basic staples lacking in personality. Instead, your minimalist wardrobe should set a focus on keeping your looks simple. Rather than keeping up with fashion trends at all cost, it’s all about finding pieces that suit your body type, follow your natural lines and correspond to your personal style. Pick one piece of clothing as the focal point of your outfit, and add other items to complete the look. The same counts for colour palette. Introducing colour to your wardrobe is not a bad thing, but try to limit the number of colours, as this will keep styling simple and versatile. Rather than the colour itself, it’s about the number of colours you choose.

Minimalist fashion is a choice of a stress-free lifestyle and is definitely understated when in fact, it’s simple yet extremely effective.


Invest in quality

We believe in buying clothes that have a timeless look and will last a long time. While the prior point talks about style, clothing that is made to last a long time is just as important. When it comes to curating a minimal capsule wardrobe, it’s safe to say that investing in high quality basics makes a huge difference - Something as simple as a t-shirt can look so different! From the higher end fabrics that last longer, to the stitching, clothes you spend more on are designed to last, and will look better over time. They’d also need less replacement and repairing - regardless of how often you wear them.

Coming up with a minimalist approach to fashion is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your wardrobe. So whether you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends or not, always remember to keep your closet simple, versatile, and concise. You’ll save time every single day on making irrelevant decisions, and look your best self in your simple yet effective combos.


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